Loud Office Noise, Construction, and
People Yakking Were Driving Me Bonkers!

QuietBuds Cut the Crazy Distractions and Let Me Concentrate on Getting My Work Done!

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I’m an accountant. Not only do I work in a large office doing the books, but I also do a lot of independent assignments. For example, during tax season, I take in a lot of freelance work helping people file their tax returns. So I’m a pretty busy guy.

Doing the kind of work I do, I need to concentrate. I can’t make errors, and I have to pay attention to what I’m doing. But lately, our company has been very successful and we’ve been getting bigger and bigger. That’s great, right?

WRONG! You see, we’re still in the same building as when we started, and they changed the office layout to open cubicles. I have to share office space with a few dozen busy people, and it is driving me absolutely crazy!

The noise is off the scale! All day long, the office printers are rattling and churning. It seems like people are talking at the top of their lungs. They talk on Skype, on their iPhones, the office phones are always ringing, and it never stops!

Even people walking around make a ton of noise. High heels are clattering, elevators are opening and closing, and sometimes I feel like I’m working in a madhouse!

I asked my boss if he could set me up somewhere with a private office, but he told me it was impossible for now. I’d just have to wait until we got a bigger office space.

“I really started to worry that my accuracy and productivity were suffering. It was SO noisy that I was getting less and less work done”.

On most days, I would end up with a terrible headache by the end of the day.

There Was Noise EVERYWHERE!! Even At Home!

But the noise problem wasn’t just in the office. It was even bad on the commute home!

I’d take my laptop with me and try to get some work done on the train, but that was even noisier. People talking, the rumble of the wheels, people even playing music and yelling back and forth to each other.

It was hard to catch up with my work.

When I finally got home, you’d think I could have some peace and quiet, but you’d be wrong.

I love my kids, but if you live in an apartment with children, you’d know how noisy they are. They play loud video games, blast the TV, talk on the phone with their friends… it goes on night and day.

I have a small work area in my bedroom, but even that is noisy. And right outside my building, they are doing construction, so that is even worse.

Could I Ever Escape From The
Constant Bombardment of Noise?

I swear that not only my productivity was being affected, but my state of mind. I was becoming a nervous wreck.

The pressure of working an office job, combined with doing a side gig at tax time was making me really jumpy and irritable. I needed the income, but I was ready to quit just to be able to relax sometimes.

One day a few weeks ago, I was riding down the elevator to go to work, and I saw one of my neighbors coming down in the elevator too. He was going out to Starbucks to get his morning coffee. His name was Ed, and he was a freelance writer.

It was one of those particularly loud construction days and you could hear all this pounding and banging outside.

“This construction noise is driving me crazy!” I said to Ed.

“Huh?” Ed looked at me. “Oh, yeah. I guess so. I didn’t really notice the noise.” he said.

“You don’t notice the noise? It’s like a warzone out there!”

Ed smiled and pointed to his ear. At first, I thought he was showing me that he was wearing ear phones, but then he took it out this little precision device and showed it to me.

“These are my QuietBuds.” he said.
“These things have literally changed my life!”

“I work at home, and the noise was driving me nuts too. But then I discovered QuietBuds. They are absolutely amazing. They have different “cores” that you can change for different situations.”

“I can wear them at home with a custom quiet core, and they block out enough noise to let me concentrate, but I can still hear what’s going on. Or I can use the commute core, for example, and it lets me concentrate when I travel”.

Ed unscrewed one of the QuietBuds and showed me the core.

“It’s fantastic. Noise doesn’t bother me at all anymore.
I can sleep, travel, work at home even with the kids screaming, or in the office with all the distractions”.

“Before I got these, I could barely finish my assignments. Now I can concentrate with just the level of sound I want, and I get ALL my work done easy!”

“And I can even sleep better at night. No more Xanax to make me fall asleep! I just pop in my QuietBuds!”

I did some research and I discovered:

Unlike other protective devices which lack scientific noise-eliminating technology, QuietBuds have been developed by a team of experts from the ground up.

They are discreet, attractive, and super comfortable! Wear them all day with no discomfort!

QuietBuds come with special custom-designed sound-muting cores so you are protected against any situation or level of sound.

Not only do they protect your ears, but they can give you complete control over your sonic environment.

Forget about cheap, disposable ear plugs that only make everything sound worse!

“QuietBuds ear plugs are built to last, only block out the noise you WANT to block out, and will provide you with years of great-sounding hearing protection”.

QuietBuds Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs are made of a durable CNC aluminum material that will last for years. They are extremely comfortable to wear, and come with three sets of form-fitting foam inserts for small, medium, and large ear canals. They also come with their own zippered, lined carrying case so you can keep them with you and never have to worry about them getting lost!

Here Are The Custom Cores:


These insertable acoustic foam cores reduce the overall ambient noise that surrounds you while still allowing you to easily hear the people that are speaking to you.


These specially-designed filters are the perfect middle ground between the Commute Cores and Ocean Quiet Cores. They are particularly effective at stopping ear-damaging high decibel sound at live events, music performances, and other loud environments.


These Liquid Baffle acoustic filter cores use liquid to block out virtually ALL sound. They’re perfect for silent meditation, reading, or trying to sleep in noisy conditions!

I never thought that something as simple as earplugs could be a solution to help me block out all the noise and relax, but after what Ed told me, I just knew I had to try something.

Here’s what happened…

  • I ordered online here and my QuietBuds arrived in less than a week.
  • They were fully up to my expectations. Super high quality. Comfortable fit!
  • My PRODUCTIVITY WENT SKY-HIGH! And, my wife noticed I was a lot calmer and happier than I was before I tried QuietBuds.

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“Now I can work in the office and at home with no distractions or headaches. My nervous tension and stress are gone”.

I can work in the quietness level I want, but I’m not “shut out” like a hermit. I’m still aware of my surroundings and I can hear when people speak to me.

It’s a real win-win, and my tax return business is booming! My wife loves the extra cash I’m bringing in too!

QuietBuds may be hard to get for the next few months since they have been selling out and factories are ramping up to make more of the highest quality!

Order now and get as many as you need before they run out!

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